“International Conference on Corrosion Mitigation and Surface Protection Technologies”

11-14 December 2017
Organized By :

The Egyptian Corrosion Society (ECS)




Building on the success of the preceding conferences, the 34th Annual Corrosion Conference will be held in Sonesta Hotel, sharm El-Sheikh , Egypt. The technical program is planned to offer a wide range of technical papers from Egypt and around the world covering different aspects of conference on Corrosion Mitigation and Surface Protection Technologies. Egypt provides a unique geographic position as one of the great hinge “Afro-Asian-Europe/Mediterranean” environment to host this very important conference in enhancing the interaction among the scientists and engineers.
The Organizing Committee of the Egyptian Corrosion Society, Egycorr 2017, is preparing to offer you the opportunity to meet experts in corrosion and materials degradation. This conference is intended for scientists, engineers, technologists and managers who need an overview of current knowledge on corrosion science and technology.

As part of this conference, there will be an International-Round-Table. This event will provide an opportunity for all of us to get together, to become acquainted and reacquainted, in short, to socialize and to celebrate. The Roundtable will be held to foster strong ideas through effective working relationships and dialogue among attendees. Progress in science is premised on the free and open exchange information. The Roundtable will help next leaders benefit from the widest possible sharing of knowledge. The culture of collegial exchange among experts sets a tempo for progress through cooperation. It forms the foundation of a seamless transfer of ideas among generations welcoming all speakers to join the discussion and to share their ideas.

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